Jun 22, 2017

Majo no Tabitabi V1 Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Start of the Journey

Part 1

As a child, I loved books.

I don't remember when exactly I started to read books. However, I think I was already a bookworm by the time I gained awareness.

As long as I had time, I would take out a book from the bookshelf in my house and read it, and whenever I went out with my family, I would always ask for a new book.
Perhaps because of that, I didn't have many friends from the same generation. I didn't play much outside, and instead just stayed indoors, so I caused my parents to worry, however, my daily life was fulfilling. Because books were always next to me.

Among them, my favorite one was the novel called "Nike's Tales of Adventure".

It was a tale of adventure, all five volumes of which were collections of short stories that told about a Witch called Nike who travelled all over the world and experiencing it.

The author's name, just like its title, was Nike. However, since it's just a pen name, their real name is totally different. In the afterword at the end, "I wrote this book based on the events I personally experienced" was written.

The me at that time, who hadn't taken a step outside of the Peaceful Country of Robetta, saw Nike who wandered around the world, touring the beautiful world, as dazzling.

I really loved it, so I read it multiple times. So much that the book became worn-out.

Before long, I began to harbor admiration towards Nike.

──I also want try going on such journey. I started to think so.

For that reason, the young me declared to my mother.

"When I become older, I will go on an adventure just like Nike."

While gently brushing my head, mother said,

"Is that so, when you grow older, huh."

And while smiling,

"However, if you want to go on a journey, you must first become a Witch like Nike, don't you think?"

She added that.

"Will I become traveler if I become a Witch?"

"That's right. That's why it will be no good if you don't do your best in Magic studies."

"If I study and become a Witch, will you let me go on a journey?"

"Of course."


"Yes. Really."

"Really really?"

"Yes. Really really."


My motive was such a trivial thing.

And because of just that reason, I spent so many years to become a Witch.

For the sole reason of wanting to go on a journey, I continued working hard.

At any rate, I studied alone almost every day.

My mother kept me company with Magic practice.

Mother, who was proficient in Magic to the extent that one could not believe she was just a Magician, was also skillful at teaching, and in the blink of an eye, I became able to skillfully operate Magic.

So much that I became an Apprentice Witch at the age of fourteen.

In the process of working for my goal to become a Witch, not even once did I think about giving up. I merely continued to work hard.

Then, after undergoing Fran-sensei's training, I became a Witch.

Part 2

I went back to my parents' house with a star-shaped brooch attached to me, I guess it was a few days after that.

After finishing breakfast, I told to the two sitting on the opposite side of the table.

"I became a Witch. So let me go on a journey."

Raising his face away from the newspaper, my father frowned. My mother did not even show a surprise, and was calmly tasting an after meal black tea.

After stealing a glance at mother's face, father forcefully cleared his throat, after which he folded the newspaper and put it besides the table.

Then, with a really distant attitude,

"W-Wouldn't it be fine even if you don't rush so much?"

He said such a thing.

I became a bit sullen.

"That wasn't what you said, was it? I thought we made a promise that it would be fine if I went on a journey if I became a Witch?"

"No, we may have promised...... but to think you'd become one so soon......"

"It doesn't have relation with time. I desperately tried my best in order to go on a journey."


Father, who was pricked at the weak spot and faltered, "Gununu" while groaning as such, touched the shoulder of mother who continued to drink her black tea with elegance.

"H-Hey, mother should say something as well."

After putting down the tea cup, she spoke.

"Oh my. Aren't you the only one who's opposed to Elaina going on a trip? I personally think it would already be fine if she left on a journey you know?"

"......No, but."

"Besides, going on a trip once she became a Witch is a promise from her childhood, right?"

"That promise was something you decided on your own──"

"You also agreed to it. Did you forget?"

"......But still."

"You agreed right?"


Father became silent.

Or rather, he was forced to.

"Elaina, you are serious, right?"

Mother asked me.

I nodded, "Of course," and replied so.

"Then, go on that journey."


She paused a little, then said:

"However, I want you to promise me three things."

"......? Promise?"

Towards me who was looking puzzled, mother raised three fingers.

"That's right. If you don't keep these promises, you can't go on a journey even if you are a Witch. It's dangerous after all."

"......What do you want me to promise?" There's no way I could pull back at this late hour.

"Well──listen up."

Then, mother folded her ring finger.

"First. To prioritize escaping as much as possible when you are likely to face dangers. Don't poke your nose in unnecessary things──because you might die if you do."


I would naturally keep that promise even without being told. I don't want to die anytime soon, after all.

Continuing, mother folded her middle finger.

"Second. Do not think of yourself as someone special──Witch or whatever you may be, you are a traveler. Don't ever be conceited, and don't forget that you are just like anyone else."


Because of training under Fran-sensei, the me who was strangely arrogant and caught up in the moment is already a thing from the past.

I also thought I didn't have any problems with this.


She lowered down her loosely formed fist.

Then, mother smiled.

"Come back without fail. Please come back and show us your cheerful face."


"Will you keep it?"


I slowly nodded.

With that timing, father burst into tears.

"A-Are you really going Elainaa......!?"

"Father dear, it's something that child decided on her own. Don't we have to support her back? What's more, we were the ones who made a promise with her. Tearing up isn't what a parent should do."

"Although father was trying to void that promise some time agoćƒ¼"

I said in a small voice.

Fortunately, it seems he didn't hear it, and while wiping his tears,

"My only daughter who I raised with care is already leaving the house.....it feels so empty. It feels like a wide hole opened in my heart......."

"No, well, I will come back sooner or later."

"You will probably die from shock when Elaina gets married."

"Stop it! We do not have to talk about my daughter's marriage now!" Father started to tear up yet again.


Well, it was something like that.

The beginning of my trip was officially decided this way.

Part 3

Next day.

"Un. The size is just right."

I dressed myself in a new outfit.

Black tricorne and black robe.

It was handed to be by mother.

"Isn't it it a bit too plain?"

I checked it while turning around in front of the mirror.

"Oh my. For a traveler, something plain is just right. What's more, it matches you perfectly."

"Why thank you."

"Do you have money?"

"It's all set."

"I hope you don't waste it needlessly."

"Of course."

"Next is──ah, that's right. Just in case, take this with you."


What appeared on top of her hand with a pop was a black tricorne.

It was of the exact same design as what mother put on me just a moment ago. ......why?

"In case your tricorne gets stolen by the wind, use this one," said mother to the puzzled me.

To put it simply,

"So it's a spare?"

"Yes it is."

In that case, I shall receive it.

And after I finished my long preparation, I stood at the entrance.

Looking back, the two of them stood there.

"Take care, Elaina." Mother waved her hand with a smile.

"U...Guh........ Uwoooooo......" Father started to cry again.

While caressing father's head, mother spoke to me. While floating a gentle smile.

"Whenever you return, please let me hear the story of your journey."

"Please look forward to it."

"I will──Then, take care."

After bowing, I said.

Said, while producing the best smile I could.

"I'm off!"