Jun 22, 2017

Majo no Tabitabi V1 Afterword


Nice to meet you, I'm Shiraishi Jougi.

This book "Majo no Tabitabi", the novel of a complete amateur like me, privately published in the Amazon Kindle store at the end of 2014, had underwent a drastic editing and revision by the hands of GA bunko's editorial department-sama. They spotted mistakes that I could not find by myself, and even though the book was already released in the Kindle store, they went through the manuscript and found every last typo and missed word. After rereading it, there appeared lots of ridiculous parts.

Incidentally, among the impressions of people who read it at the time when it was self-published, the most frequent was "I can't read the title". Forgive me for that, "旅々" from "魔女の旅々" is read as "Tabitabi".

At first I I simply thought "Since it's about a traveling witch, let's call it "Majo no Tabi" shall we? Would that be fine? Let's go with that," however, on top of it being too simple, it was apparent that the situation was likely to develop into a direction where it would be overlapped with another book when looked up, so I went with "Tabitabi". It was made with such feelings. There's no deep meaning behind it. And there's also no such word.

My pen-name from the time of self-publishing was "Jougi", but I didn't appear when people searched for me, just as I guessed.[1] So because of that, I added the surname to my pen-name.

That being the case, thank you for taking "Majo no Tabitabi" in hands.

This work is composed of weird stories with nothing but weird people appearing it them. In short, it's a weird story and a weird book. However, if a copy of such story was added to your bookshelves, nothing would make me happier. By the way, just between us, it seems it's a good thing to add this book to the bookshelves. (Personal opinion)

If this book ever has a sequel, it might be even better to add it next to this book. (Personal Opinion)

Now to express my thanks.

The person in charge, M-san. As always, thank you very much. I will be troubling you from now on, but I would be happy if our association lasts long…...

Starting from the editorial department of GA Bunko, everyone from SB Creative. I can not thank you enough for picking me up. What more, I never even dreamt that it would be added to the launching line-up of a new label. This is off topic, but when I saw the launching line-up, I became truly anxious and wondered whether it was really okay to be side-by-side with such amazing people.... Rather, I still think so.

For Azul-sama who was in charge for the illustrations. Thank you very much for the lovely pictures. Ah, Ahh...... Elaina-san is so cute...... No, every character is cute already...... I'm spending days in smiles while looking back at the cover and illustrations with exceedingly lovely art. Thank you very much.

And lastly, everyone who took this book in hands. I'm glad I was able to meet you here. Let us meet again somewhere someday. Until then!

1 Jougi means ruler so if you searched for his pen-name, only rulers would appear.