Apr 1, 2017

Okaa-san V1 Prologue

Prologue - A certain youth’s Q & A

[Q: Is your relationship with your mother good?]
Just normal.
[Q: Do you talk to your mother? How often do you talk to her?]
[Q: Is there anything your mother said that made you happy recently?]
Nothing specifically.
[Q: Is there anything your mother said that made you unhappy recently?]
Calling me by my nickname is such a pain.
[Q: Do you go out with your mother for shopping or the likes?]
[Q: Do you help your mother with chores?]
Depends on my mood.
[Q: Do you know what your mother likes?]
Housework and bargain sale.
[Q: Do you know what your mother hates?]
The G[1] that comes out of kitchen.
[Q: What do you think is good about your mother?]
[Q: What do you think is bad about your mother?]
Maybe something.

[Q: Will you become closer to your mother if you go on an adventure with her?]
I should, right? Not like I would know.

1 The G – a.k.a gokiburi. A classic Japanese slang that uses the first alphabet to represent cockroach in the katakana.


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