Apr 1, 2017

Okaa-san V1 Illustrations


Oosuki Mamako – Masato’s mother who doted on him and followed him to the game world. Equipped with the holy swords that does all-target double attack in normal attacks, activates one convenient skill after another, highly active.
“Mom wants go on an adventure together with Maa-kun. Can mom become Maa-kun’s companion?”

Oosuki Masato – A highschool student who was transported to the game world as a hero. His dream of being the main protagonist in the game world and going on a big adventure was totally ruined by his mother that came with him.
“A fantasy for teenage boy does not need a parental existence!”

Wise – A JK who joined Masato as his companion with a certain objective. A philosopher that could use both attack magic and heal/support magic, but somehow had her magic sealed, a regrettable child.
“I will kill you, resurrect you, then kill you again and resurrect you again for as long as my magic allows me, you know!?”

Porta – A twelve-year-old travelling merchant. Specialized in support ability including item production, appraisal and shop discount. Very precious to the party as the mental healing role.

“I will try my best within my ability! You can tell me anything! I will work hard!”

(TLN: JK = Joshi Kousei. A high school girl.)

Mamako: Since it’s a rare chance, I’m thinking of entering with Maa-kun together. We are parent and child after all, it’s fine, right?

Porta: I have already soaked all the way to the shoulder so it’s alright!

Wise: Masato! If you look here you are dea......

Mamako: I have never forgotten for a single moment......The time when my child was born.

Queen of Night: Children are harmful. They are selfish no matter where they are, continuously losing their way, an existence that strip their parents of their peace and freedom.

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  1. Oh that first picture.
    Mom gets home. "Look Maa-kun they had a 2 for 1 sale on magic swords".

    Mom gets home. "Look Maa-kun, I got a flaming sword for free with the ground meat and a frost blade when I bought 2 kg of carrots".

  2. So the mother more OP than the protagonist?

  3. So, will this be an incest story?

  4. From the illustration, it looks like the mother IS the real MC, not the son...xD

  5. >Queen of Night
    >Dark skinned
    hmmm... really makes you...
    >unzips dick

    1. If this was R15 or R18, I'd be half-expecting Mamako to defeat the Queen, hold her down, then make her son teach the Queen the joys of motherhood.

      At the same time, coaching her son how to handle women.

    2. I think you unzip your pants...not your dick

    3. His dick must have a zipper

      Don't judge him man

  6. The one who make this illustration is the author of Ane Naru Mono manga

    1. Woah, I was thinking it Mamako looks so similar the the sister with a thousand young.

  7. Hello, I asked Russian translators to localize the illustrations, as they also translate this novel.
    Here is the link: http://imgur.com/a/Pd9c2

    1. Please note that this isn't the final version for the translations on those illustrations. I'm sorry to say that after you have put in your effort, but it will be revised when the whole volume is completed.

  8. is this even a real story or just ero?

    1. Well, it has a story. Not a deep one, but it's still interesting. And there's surprisingly not that much ero, it only looks like that because of the artist.

  9. >Boner! What are you doing!?
    >Assuming direct control!
    >You're going too far this time!
    >But with a mom like that, how can you hold back!??! OUR ONLY COURSE IS TO GO ARA ARA WITH KAA-SAN!!!