Apr 24, 2017

Okaa-san V1 Afterword


This is my first meeting with everyone. Inaka Dachima, Inaka Dachima is my name. On this occasion, I thank you very much for purchasing my work.

In this book, mother is the main heroine. Regarding this, even the editor-in-charge also described it as [Quite an innovative idea].
That’s, well, also quite true. Heroines from light novels were existences that were born with the goal of being loved passionately by their fans. Her being a mother......unless one is quite the veteran, it will be quite impossible to make her a waifu.

However, that’s fine.

Mamako is not the heroine that you should love, but the heroine who loves you. She is a mother who will acknowledge everything about you, accept it and love you deeply.

As such, to those that may think “but I already have waifu(s)......” as well, I hope that you will feel free to place this work in a corner of your bookshelf. She will not hinder you. Mamako will gently watch over you, while you are making out......

Eh, that’d be hard to do? Well, that’s true. But please do something about it. Please do it.

I will borrow this occasion and thank everyone.

To the dear members of the selection committee that have chosen this work to be the winner of the 29th Fantasia Grand Prize, thank you very much.

In addition, to Iida Pochi-san in charge of illustration, people engaged in publishing this work, and K-san in charge of editing, let me offer my apology and gratitude, please bear with me and take care of me in future as well.

Lastly. To my mother who returned after becoming a contracted employee after passing the age of fifty and obtaining a forklift license, I wish to offer this work to you.

It may be troubling for you, who is already a grandmother with a grandchild, to dedicate your time to light novel......Eh, read it? You will read it?

Then, go ahead. However, please spare me from giving your feedback face to face.

Year 2016・Autumn    Inaka Dachima


  1. Thank u always for ur great work...

  2. Got a PDF for volume 1?

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  4. "She will not hinder you. Mamako will gently watch over you, while you are making out......"

  5. I'm a veteran so I have no problem having milf Mamako as a waifu candidate ;)

  6. thanks for the hard job, i will waiting for your version of pdf or epub.

  7. still no release yet? its been soo long TT^TT

  8. Wow that's deep. There are few authors that dedicate their works to their mothers. I hope this gets a Anime. It's been well received enough to get a Manga. It makes me happy to see our favorite characters in another view.

    Thank you Translator once again for the hard work.

  9. "Quite Impossible to make her a waifu" That sounds like a challenge

  10. so is this series dropped or what?