Mar 24, 2017

Amagi Brilliant Park V3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Let’s go to the land of magic

In the office, during the afternoon of a business holiday―――

“Seiya, I need the stamp fumo.”

Moffle asked, holding out the maintenance manifest for the Sweet House. Coming to an impasse while reconsidering the post-May renovation plan, Seiya, with his frustration exposed, scowled at Moffle.
“What’s the problem? Shouldn’t you be leaving that document category to Sento? I mean, I haven’t seen her since this morning. What’s that secretary doing?”

“Moffu. If it’s Isuzu, then isn’t she on some sort of business trip today? It’s written down on the whiteboard fumo.”

“What? ……..Ahh―, you’re right. Hadn’t noticed that.”

By the entrance of the (not so spectacular) office, at the secretary’s desk separated by faded partitions was a whiteboard by the inner walls with Isuzu’s written message: “On a business trip today. Destination: Mapleland Senate, Isuzuruha Authoritarian Parliament Office. Returning tomorrow”.

Which reminds me, Isuzu was saying something along those lines yesterday. She went to investigate Mapleland’s movements involving our park.

“And that’s why I need the stamp. Wanna quickly get today’s tasks done and over with, gotta go to the Croquette Saigoutei at Komazawa fumo.”

“Be that as it may, just like I said, those things need to go through Sento first. Go to her for immediate approval, I can’t push the stamp.”

Surely, as the acting manager, I have the authority to affix the stamp myself . But if I arbitrarily did so, all the blame would later fall on me. My plate’s full already and I’ve got no time for unnecessary trouble. Furthermore, I'm not too keen on listening to Isuzu’s scoldings.

“Is tomorrow no good?”

“Nope fumo. Those Diggerries are pestering me. They want it by today fumo.”

“Uh huh…… But Sento isn’t around, after all, and we can’t do much about that.”

“We can’t, huh fumo……..”

Moffle took out his smartphone to make a call. The call’s recipient seemed to be Isuzu. After a while of waiting, he heaved a sigh, call terminated.

“Can’t get through.”

“Seems like she’s out of range fumo. …….the network disturbance between the surface and the magic world has become frequent.

Damn, gotta give up on Saigoutei then……. Gonna go and directly ask her personally fumo.”

“Going? Where to?”

“Ain’t it obvious? Mapleland fumo.”

“Can I tag along?”


Moffle answered nonchalantly.

Come to think of it, I've been hearing about this magic world for the longest time, but even the means of going there still remain a mystery to me. It’s mysterious enough that I’ve not even tried to guess about it even once.

“This Mapleland, can an ordinary person like me even go there?”

Naturally, it piqued Seiya’s interest, thus he asked.

“Yup. I think you can go with me……. If you would like to fumo”

“Nah, I’ve got work to do…… uh huh, however……..”

Being done with a day’s worth of work and having various deliberations come to conclusions, perhaps a change of pace doesn’t seem so bad.

“Alright, let’s go. For once I should come and see what kind of place it is. It’s good for a start……..”

“Got it fumo. Follow me then.”

Seiya conveyed to his office subordinates that he was taking his leave, got into his coat, and followed behind Moffle.

As Seiya was a realist, he had always had doubts of the existence of this “magic world”. Maybe there was a hyperspace gate-like thing under the park? If not, reciting some kind incantation from a magic book and be wrapped in light and teleported, maybe―――

“Moffle-san. How’re the documents coming along mogu?”

Patriarch Taramo of the Diggerry clan called out in front of the office building.

“Right now we’re going to Mapleland to get the stamp fumo. It may be late, but I think I should be able to hand it over by today.”

As it was now, silently following Moffle, he checked his time-card with a click and then proceeded to exit the park via the employee-use gate.

There, he went to the bus stop after putting on his Lala Patch amulet.

After waiting for a brief period, the bus arrived. He then used his prepaid card to pay the fare upon boarding. Being somewhat different from the mood he imagined, Seiya was perplexed.

“Hey, Moffle.”

“Yes fumo?”

“We’re headed to Mapleland, right? Why do we have to ride a bus?”

“? It’s quite a long trip if we don’t take the bus, you know?”

“Hold it, I really don’t get it, but…….. In the first place, how does one get to this land of magic?”

“Moffu. Hmm, let’s see…….starting from Amagi station[1], travel to Inabazutsumi station[2] then transfer to the JR Nambu line fumo. From there, go to Musashi-Kosugi, transfer to the Tokyu-Toyoko line………..”

“Wait wait wait wait……..!”

“What, don’t like the Nambu line fumo?”

Moffle frowned.

“That’s not what I meant. I mean, isn’t it Mapleland? It’s a land of magic, right? Then why... more like, isn’t there some way to get there without travelling? Some mysterious gate, teleportation magic………..”

“Haha, the hell’s that? That’s just fantasy. That Fantasia. Some light novel?”
Moffle mocked him. A habit of this strange fairy. Simply offending.


“Anyway, once you get to the Toyoko line, go to Yokohama. And then……..ahh, forget it. Just shut your mouth and follow my lead fumo.”

As it became too bothersome to explain it, Moffle gave up and started fumbling with his smartphone, playing Freecell with his fluffy paws. As any further enquiry would be foolish, Seiya brought out a tablet PC, deciding to review the park’s past documents.

Before long, the bus arrived at Amagi station and the two of them travelled two stations along the Touto line to Inabazutsumi. After that, they then transferred to JR Nambu line. It was about 1500 hours on a working day, so the interior of the train’s carriage wasn’t very crowded and they both could find a comfortable seat.


Three stations before Musashi-Kosugi, as they near Musashi-Mizonokuchi station, Moffle started fidgeting.

“Looks like I’ll really have to go fumo………..”

Looking like he had resolved to say something, Moffle got off from the Nambu line at Musashi-Mizonokuchi station. If they were headed in the Yokohama’s direction, this shouldn’t be where they alight.

“Oi, weren’t we supposed to get off at Musashi-Kosugi?”

“Just be silent and follow me fumo…….!”

Transferring from Musashi-Mizonokuchi to Den-En-Toshi line, passing a few stations in Shibuya’s direction, then disembarking at Komazawa University station.

“Why are we stopping here?”


For some reason he had a serious expression. It was unusual to see Moffle this worried. It is unknown whether it was due to some important ritual required to get to Mapleland.

“It’s a serious matter fumo.”

From the underground station, they emerged to the surface. After walking several dozen strides from the north side turn of the route 246 national highway, they found a delicatessen with a signboard that read “Croquette Saigoutei”. Moffle entered the shop and with a complicated expression made his order.

“Snack Croquettes. 2 sets……, 3 sets, please fumo.”

“Ohh sure----. After a nice frying, gimme a minute to indulge in these which I have been waiting so long for……….”

“Yup, please wait.”


Going out of their way just for that, Seiya, who was obediently watching at the side until now, gave Moffle a whooping.

“…….What? I had originally planned to come here when I was done with today’s work. Latifa’s croquettes are still the best. However, these snack croquettes are on par in tastiness. Point is, it’s where the dressing is not too thick. A variation which is so absurd to the extent that it comes very close to a homemade texture. Each piece of snack croquette entirely varies in its filings fumo, particularly the “Mediterranean Sea salt croquette”; it’s superb.”

Somehow, Moffle was trying to explain in an insistent tone.

“Alright, that’s enough………”

“Seiya, you should go get some too, it’s seriously delicious fumo.”

“Nah, I’m not particularly……….”

“I’m not giving you any if you suddenly want it later, you know?”

“I told you, I don’t want any………..!”

After being kept waiting for no more than 10 minutes, they received the package of steamy croquettes. After that, they had resumed to proceed to their destination with their itinerary(?).

Changing trains several times, they arrived at Yokohama station.

“Hmm, Yokohama, huh…….”

Seiya curiously surveyed from the side. Even if the residents of western Tokyo are not at their workplaces or at school, they don’t seldom come to Yokohama. There was no particular reason, since Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, or Shibuya would mostly suffice for shopping purposes and et cetera.

Although it’s somewhat normal for this metropolis to be nothing but a gigantic station.

“Don’t bother looking around too much fumo. It’s just like a gate to the countryside.”

“And? Where do we go now.”

“Track number 11. Come on.”


Then Seiya noticed the station’s floor plan on the bulletin on the wall next to him. There, it showed that the platform had only 10 tracks.

Pushing through the crowd, Moffle walked on. Seiya hurriedly pursued. Walking up to the south side of the interior of the concourse, passing through the ticket barrier―― in an instant, the surrounding noise felt as if it had disappeared.

“Seiya, this way fumo.”

“? Ohh…..”

The passageway went on. No, just a moment before, this passage didn’t exist……..

Anyway, before the passage, there was a bulletin showing platform numbers “11” and “12”. Then, descending the stairway, there was an isolated, deserted platform.
In the middle of the red sunset was an extremely deserted and old-fashioned platform.

Of course, the track on the opposite side, the Shonan-Shinjuku line’s arrival and departure on the track 10 platform, was very ordinary. Furthermore, there were lots of train carriages coming and going on the other side, but for some reason, all that noise could not reach this “track 11”.

“The people of the surface world are unable to notice this platform fumo.
Moffle explained.

“Once in awhile, we notice surface people losing their way, especially children fumo. Well, this is special, but not an absolute secret. Giving them sweets seems to be enough to turn them away.”


These days it’s strangely convincing, because it’s not unusual to have conversations about magical phenomena. The main idea would be a Harry Potter-like ride.
“Regarding this magical gimmick, no-one was bothered with it, did JR acknowledge it?”

“No idea, but perhaps not. Mapleland also seems to have financed the construction of this station.”

“Is that so……”

JR is supposedly a respectable corporation. Were they really alright with accepting funding from some dubious “land of magic?” Although it was other people’s affairs, it’s becoming rather worrisome.

“When I first came to the surface, it was also through this platform. What happened afterwards was a disaster. I took the Toyoko line reaching Shibuya, that place was chaotic fumo. I was headed for Amagi, I somehow boarded Inokashira line but ended up at Kichijoji fumo. With the last train already gone and left with no other options, I had to camp out at a bench in Inokashira Park. Really, being a first-timer in a new town makes it uncomfortable, you know.”

“Ohh my……..I feel you. There was that time when I went to Umeda, Osaka, didn’t know what’s what. It felt like some kind of dungeon there.”

“Those people accustomed to Umeda would come to Shinjuku just to get lost fumo. You surface people ought to draw out a station that’s a tad bit more systematic.”

“That’ll be impossible, since it’s the era of expansion.”

“Moffu. Come now, that I know.”

Looking at the schedule, It’s one train every hour. A direct train bound for the Mapleland royal capital, Mapleburg, was expected to arrive soon.

“Any time now, come on fumo.”

As Moffle said that, a locomotive had just rolled into the platform.

A locomotive―――a steam engine, specifically. It was billowing fumes from its chimney, shooting out steam and slowly decelerating as it reached the platform. Green and red polished paint, an elegant locomotive.

“Colours resembling Sasuraiger.[3] A train splendid through and through fumo.”

I don’t care whatever that Sasuraiger might be, but this train is certainly lovely. In comparison to typical steam engines that were always associated with nothing but the blackening soot and rusticness.
Passengers were shuffling to a light. There were only 2-head tall animals. Rabbits and cats, goats and pigs. There were groups of rodents that look like Moffle. Those guys seemed to have come to the surface world from Mapleland. They passed by Seiya, paying him no heed.

Then, a passenger called out to Moffle.

“Your Excellency? To be here…….is it not you, Your Excellency!?”

What appeared to be a 2-head tall, pink-coloured bear-san, lumbering on his approach.

“Indeed, it’s His Excellency, General kuma! His Excellency Moffle Mel Morcenass![4] It has been some time!”

“Ohh………you must be Senior Sergeant Major Gribell.”

Moffle seems to know this person.

The pink bear-san, “Senior Sergeant Major Gribell”, came up to Moffle, stood at attention, and gave him a salute with a snap.

“It’s an honour to be able to meet you kuma. I was thinking of coming to the surface world for a family trip with my wife and children kuma.”

Gribell pointed behind him. Standing at a distance, bear-san’s family quickly gave Moffle a bow.

“I see. No wonder you seem so excited fumo.”

“We’re planning to go to the Izu Atagawa hot springs kuma.”

“Yeah, that place is great. While you’re at it, i recommend Banana-Wani park[5] fumo.”

“kuma, kuma, kuma (<--laughter)……… By the way, where’s Your Excellency headed to?”

“Why, got to tend to some minor business in Mapleburg. I’m in need of a small stamp fumo.”

“Is that so? But if it’s that kind of business, could you please sit down and have a few words with this Gribell. It’s a report from someone in the division kuma.”

Seemingly getting fed up, Moffle waved his paws.

“Please stop. I’m just a simple mascot in a theme park, now. That’s all there is to it.”

“But General is still ‘the’ General kuma. If Your Excellency so gives the order, wouldn’t the officers and men from our division immediately rush to your aid? Even if the ruler of Mapleburg――”

“Gribell, don’t say inappropriate things fumo.”

“Well. That is………I’m sorry. But it’s the truth kuma. Even now, there are many who are impatiently awaiting for Your Excellency’s return.”

“I’m truly glad, but please forget about it fumo. You and I, we each have our own duties, unknown to the other.”

“The Princess, is it? That’s………important stuff.”

“Sorry Gribell, but I trust that you won’t breathe a word to anyone about our encounter here, fumo. I don’t want to invite any unpleasant gossip or start trouble within the division.”

“Yes, sir. Well then, Your Excellency, I shall excuse myself here kuma.”

“Moffu. Wishing you good health.”

Leading his family, Gribell left the place.

“I’ve kept you waiting fumo. Shall we get going?”

“Nnn? Ohh, yeah………”

Following that, Moffle turned towards the departing train and boarded it.

The interior of the passenger carriage was fitted with retro-style booths, wooden beddings and seats. The walls were ornamented with superior designs. Seiya and Moffle found a suitable seat and sat facing each other.

“How long will this train take? To the royal capital, I mean.”

“Around an hour or so? There’s about 10 minutes before we depart. If you need to use the toilet, you’d better do it now, as there aren’t any on this train.”

“No, I’m fine. That aside, who’s that Gribell fellow just now?”

“A former subordinate fumo.”

Moffle said as he looked through the window into the distance.

“Once upon a time, back in my military days. Back then I had to deal with dull, managerial-like stuff fumo.”

“No, I mean the things like General, Your Excellency………..”

“That, was a part of the managerial-like stuff.”

“I mean; wouldn’t one expect it to be different?”

Even Isuzu had occasionally called Moffle “General”. Nonetheless, in this shady, nonsensical magical kingdom, Moffle must be some kind of important figure, I guess?

“Moffu. Just don’t worry about it fumo.”

“Don’t worry, huh. Like the usual.”


Moffle said with little thought.

“Surely, there were some things I have not talked to you about until now. I might have been dishonest, if that is any explanation at all.”

“Like what?”

“Various things fumo. Anyway, let’s eat.”

Moffle took out a plastic case from the vinyl shopping bag, offering the snack croquette inside to Seiya.

“Don’t want it.”

“Try it, It’s delicious.”

Reluctantly, Seiya took a piece with his hand and ate it. As the oil started running down his fingers―――

“Mmph. This is………”

Delicious. Too delicious. A level on par with Latifa’s croquettes.

“Delicious, right fumo?”

“Indeed……. Wai…., it’s not like that……….!”

“I got it fumo. Let me see, what were you talking about, I wonder………”

Moffle was deliberating as he munched on the snack croquettes. He would not talk no matter how much time passes, so Seiya directly inquired.

“To start with, what’s with this “General” thing from your stories? May I hear it?”

“Exactly as it implies fumo. In the Mapleland army, I’m a General. I Started off as a Second Lieutenant when I left the military academy. But as I’ve managed to get through various disastrous missions, I got promoted fumo.”


It was a mystery how Moffle took only a few years to climb the ranks. Rising from a Second Lieutenant to a General was supposed to amount to a significant number of years’ worth of work. According to common sense of the surface world, anyway.

“……….In Mapleland, even the speed of promotion is exceptional fumo. To say why it became as such, though it’s embarrassing, it’s due to my descent fumo.”


“I’m of noble descent in Mapleland fumo. For generations, my family has been serving as military personnels under the Baron house. However, even to that extent, social status won't get you that high up within the royal court. There weren’t many young men who had climbed up to the top General position………”

With a whiff, Moffle let out a sigh.

“My older sister became the king’s wife fumo.”


“Okisaki. Ouhi. Wife. Waifu. O-kei fumo?[6]


“Even my younger brother says she’s an incredibly beautiful lady.  The king got struck with love at first sight during one of the banquets fumo. From that moment, for many years  he had been making enthusiastic advances. At first, sister had to run from place to place. But because he’s the king, she’d never be free from obstacles, right? So in the end, they got married fumo.”

“Okay…… Wha…..hold up. That king, during that time and your sister gave birth to……..”

“Yeah, it’s Latifa. That’s why that girl would occasionally call me “uncle” fumo.”

“So that’s why…….”

“Being the Queen’s younger brother, being a mere captain of the special forces wasn’t a good enough image. So, due to political motives, I was promoted to General at a considerably high-handed pace fumo. I was then entrusted with Mapleland’s strongest and most famous 3rd division. After that various other things had happened. That Gribell from before is that division headquarters’ Assistant Senior Sergeant Major, the one managing the NCO personnels fumo.”

“So in other words, he’s a veteran NCO?”

“Uh huh. At first, it was so terrible that I hated it. But now, it’s quite alright.”

Moffle laughed like a child who managed to pull a prank.


Things had certainly been quite unclear until now. Isuzu calling Moffle “General”, Latifa calling Moffle “Uncle”. thinking that, it was all a revision.
Apparently, Moffle had a position different from the rest of the cast, although it didn’t seem so at first glance―――

“You finally said something I could understand.”

“Moffu. If that’s the case, then alright.”

“But…….why would such a fine person like you end up here?”

Going as far as to ask about it... With a self-depreciative tone, murmuring  “Moffu”.

“Well, Latifa had been cursed. I wanted to save my niece. Since a General has many tedious jobs, I quit the military. Now I’m here. I did the right thing fumo.”

“A former General turned into a children’s punching bag, huh?”

“Yeah. It’s quite fun, too fumo. It kinda suits me.”

At my first meeting with Moffle, there was antipathy. Then I stopped hating him. This guy has his own circumstances for working in the park.

On the contrary, could this guy by any chance be in the same state as myself―――

“Or rather………has this vehicle not departed yet fumo? Sure is odd.”
Looking at the smartphone’s clock, Moffle grumbled. That said, Seiya was puzzled as well. It had already exceeded the scheduled time as shown on the timetable just now and yet the train didn’t seem to be moving.

“Does this happen often?”

“Nope. Shouldn’t these trains be about as punctual as those on the surface world?”


Then, an announcement resounded in the train carriage.

““Mee―, mee―……. Err―….., thank you for riding with Japan-Maple Rails today mee―……. At approximately 1750 hours Japan time, there was an incident along the approach to Mapleburg station mee---.There will be significant delays in the train schedule mee---. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused mee―.””

“An incident huh…..”

“Aargh― again fumo!”

Moffle groaned provokingly.

“This damn line again. Another asshole’s suicide by oncoming train. Enough of that crap fumo!”

“S-suicide by oncoming train………?”

Seems like in the land of magic and fairies, even suicides by oncoming trains happen as well. One hell of a pitiful dream.

“Yeah. Well, usually they don’t really die. By the way, Macaron had an acquaintance who ran a ramen shop chain and when the business failed, he took the plunge fumo. He went into a splatter about three times consecutively and marked the longest recorded distance.”

“Again, what the heck?”

“After being discharged from the hospital, he received some kind of trophy from Maple Rail fumo.”

“And that’s how the railway company shows encouragement?”

“Nonetheless, things such as confirmation of safety and the like make the schedule go way out of order fumo. If this were the surface world, recovery would be quick. If only we were prepared for it taking this long. I’m not sure though……….”

“………..How long are we going to have to wait?”

“No idea fumo. About an hour at the very least, I think……….”

“Well then, shall we wait………”

Seiya began fumbling with his smartphone. Moffle also followed suit.

Even though an hour had already passed, there were still no signs of the train departing. ‘“Currently, we are making haste with resolving the incident mee―――‘’ the report announcement  repeated. It was all there was to it.

“Yeah. This isn’t any good.”

Even if they were to wait longer for the train to operate, it would probably be approximately 2100 hours by the time it arrived at Mapleland. At that point, even locating Isuzu to retrieve the stamp―――

“At this rate, won’t we be unable to get back by today? I say, we’d better give up on going……….”

Frankly, coming all the way here and boarding the train just to see this “Land of Magic” they call Mapleland, only to cancel their plans was quite disappointing. But it couldn’t be helped. There were various conferences the next morning.

“Ohh, well fumo……yeah. We’re going back to Amagi.”

Moffle made a phone call to Taramo, the patriarch of the Diggerry clan as he rose from his seat. They were talking about the circumstances as they disembarked the train. Then he ended the call.

“How was it?”

“Somehow, he’s apparently made an exception and gave us until tomorrow fumo. They should’ve just said so from the beginning………”

At that moment, the large steam whistle shrieked.

The green coloured locomotive which has been parked since some time ago released  steam with a shrill sound.

“”Sorry to have kept you waiting mee---. Direct train bound for Mapleburg is now departing mee―.””

Shortly following the announcement, the locomotive’s heavy wheels got in motion and departed. Slowly, then gradually speeding up. With a tail of smoke and steam, the retro train left the magic platform 11.

“It left……..”

“Uh huh. Alright, let’s head back fumo.”

Going all the way with this task, only to have to abandon it and leave was the end result. Only if Moffle hadn’t made a stopover at some croquette shop or whatever, it would have been done without such a setback.

He felt like giving a sarcastic comment, but Seiya held himself back.

Nonetheless―― if not for such coincidences, if they had not encountered Gribell, then he would not have had the chance today to listen to Moffle’s life story.

Reflecting on it, be that as it may, this trip had indeed not been a meaningless one.

“What’s wrong fumo?”

“Nope. Nothing at all.”

“If you’re not satisfied, I’ll take you there eventually. Well, it’s an ordinary land of magic.”

“You just said that a land of magic is “ordinary”, what do you mean……….?”

At that time, right when it was about to change trips, an 8-car train arrived. Coming from Mapleburg on the in-bound line(?). Somehow it seemed that even that trip was affected by the incident.

Stopping at the platform, passengers alighted. “Moffu……?”

“What? Ohh…’s Sento.”

Surprisingly, among the alighting passengers was the figure of Sento Isuzu.

A red long coat, leather briefcase and a fur hat. She had the air of a military character of seemingly high social status.

“You were not staying at the other side fumo?”

“I had scheduled an early appointment, so the meeting had already ended and I came back earlier. What are guys doing here?”

Isuzu said with a look of astonishment.

“Nothing much, those Diggerry guys were pestering me with the documents fumo. So I need Isuzu’s stamp………..”

Moffle said with an awkward expression, explaining by summarising the details thus far. Isuzu consented and nodded.

“Right. That I understand, but why did Kanie-kun come along with you all the way here?”

“Umm― What was it... a change of pace? To satisfy curiosity, how should I put it………”

“To Mapleland?”

“Nn…….like that.”

Hereupon with a sullen look, Isuzu gave a light snort.

“Surprising. You actually have some interest in our motherland.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

With Seiya’s sultry reply, this time, Isuzu was flabbergasted.

“Nah……..not really. Just …….really surprising.”

For some reason, the scene was suddenly enveloped in an awkward atmosphere. Seiya cleared his throat to change the mood and turned around.

“Th, that’s enough. Let’s return quickly. We’ve been on a fool's errand for way too long already.”

Walking away from the deserted platform behind him, Moffle and Isuzu were whispering to each other.

(……What’s with him?)

(Who knows? Perhaps he’s disappointed that he couldn’t go to Mapleburg fumo?)
(Disappointed you say, but he doesn’t give off that vibe……..)

(That……look here, it’s that fumo. That guy’s what you call a tsundere.)

(I’m really sorry. I’m not too well-versed with the slang youths use these days.)

“Aargh--, so annoying! You guys whine far too much! In any case, we better return quickly! Isn’t it going to be hectic starting tomorrow!?”

Seiya yelled, as he got irritated. Moffle made an expression of discontent.

“Err―, this might seem insignificant fumo……… But, could we trouble ourselves to go back to Yokohama? Why don’t we first find something to eat?”

“What about those croquettes.”

“Already finished them fumo.”


Then Isuzu raised her hand.

“……….Actually, I’m hungry as well. Chinatown’s ‘Saika’[7], I’m craving that Ebi Chilli[8] fried dish.”

“Not you, too………”

“You’re paying, of course.”


Seiya walked on without care. Moffle and Isuzu leaked out their discontent. While loudly complaining, the trio exited the “magic platform”.
In the end, their extended gaits brought them to Chinatown, where they ordered items like Ebi Chilli fried dish and Hui Guo Rou[9] and conveniently lost track of time as they ate and drank. They wound up missing the last train due to zestfully indulging themselves and ended up having to wait for the first train.

Though frazzled the next morning, the halted work was put into order in the blink of an eye. It might have come from that change in pace.
The problem was whether last night’s food and beverage expenditure could be accrued―――
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1 甘城(Amagi). As in amaburi。Not 甘木(Amagi), the real station.
2 稲葉堤駅(Inabazutsumi station)[Fictional]。Not to be confused with 稲葉堤駅(Inadazutsumi station)[Real].
3 Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger (銀河疾風サスライガー Ginga Shippū Sasuraigā?) a mecha anime series that aired from 1983 to 1984. Part of the J9 series.
4 モッフル・メル・モーセナス Moffuru meru moosenasu.
5 Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden (熱川バナナワニ園 Atagawa Banana Wani En?) a botanical garden with alligators located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park at 971-9 Naramoto, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo,Shizuoka Prefecture. Got lots of crocs there are bananas.
6 お妃(Okisaki)。王妃(Ouhi)。妻(Tsuma)。ワイフ(Waifu)。オーケイ. The different terms he used, first two referring to wife of a King, ie: Queen.
7 Chinese cuisine restaurant in Yokohama’s Chinatown.
8 A dish that originated from sze chuan style spicy food. Imported to a Japanese style.
9 Twice cooked pork.


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